Regenerative Cities
With Tony Cho

With many cities recovering from the pandemic and still facing climate change, income inequality, and rising sea levels, the path forward feels hard. Still, it's worth considering how these challenges are accelerating a change for the better. 

Tony Cho is one developer looking to reimagine urban spaces with an eye towards what's next. With his roots in Miami commercial real estate as the founder of Metro1. Cho has built eco-retreat, revitalized neighborhoods like Wynwood and Little Haiti, and launched a mission-driven organization called, fittingly, the Future of Cities

On today's brave new real estate, we'll talk to Cho about regenerative cities, sustainable rewilding, and how to work with local communities to build strong places that last. 

00:02:20 Future Cities Collective Origins 

00:06:24 Regenerative Cities

00:10:55 The Value of Rewildling

00:12:10 Examples & Frameworks

00:17:50 Regenerative Development Process

00:25:37 Development & Community Building

00:26:53 Coronavirus & Post-Pandemic Cities

00:30:47 Cities & public/private partnership   

00:33:48 Trends & Advancements

00:39:06 How to get involved with Future Of Cities Organization  


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