Rethinking luxury: A new era and a new look

This episode explores our changing ideas around luxury and what this shift means for real estate. Instead of high-end, designer goods for individual ownership, new luxury values are emerging – community, quality of life, and an interest in Wellness that extends to the home. Recent brokerage reports and data around the WELL Building Standard, show how new luxury could shape our homes, our developments, and our cities in the future. By moving away from a material, individual concept of luxury, to one that uplifts people and places holistically, the real estate industry has an opportunity to build better communities—for everyone. 

From affordable housing initiatives prioritizing green space and contemporary design, to the co-living format, to the growing popularity of nature-first communities, new luxury values are increasingly influencing where, and how, we live. In the wake of a crisis like COVID-19, these new luxury values could offer a path forward.

01:06 Defining “new luxury”

03:15 Coldwell Banker’s report on the “New affluent trailblazers”

04:26 The Wellness trend and real estate

08:20 Rethinking luxury for the other 99%

09:35 New luxury innovations in low- and middle-income housing

12:04 What new luxury means for the broader real estate industry


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