For Hudson Woods

Connecting Hudson Valley Homes to a New Kind of Buyer

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Content & Writing, Digital Marketing, Art Direction, Print Design, Web Design, Web Development, Signage, and Packaging

Lang Architecture had a bold ambition to create a new housing development at the foot of the Catskills named Hudson Woods. Intended as vacation properties, the homes at their most modest would have three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a garage; each would be built to order.

With ambitious growth plans, Lang asked Studio Sanderson to advise the team on how they should create and build a brand to capitalize upon the perceived strengths of the property and market it to the growing number of urban expats coming from New York City.

"Today's buyers are no longer looking for just a piece of real estate - they're looking for a place that delivers memorable experiences."

- James Sanderson

Crafting the right story

Only a true, authentic narrative would appeal to busy New York buyers who are inundated with shiny, new real estate offerings. The Hudson Woods architectural values of craft, sustainability and locally sourced materials and the growing artisanal movement of the Hudson Valley made for an engaging narrative to uphold across all aspects of the brand. We created a single organizing idea: ‘From the Source’ which became the guiding idea for driving all aspects of brand – From the development of an editorial content strategy around local makers to designing the product package and buying experience and visual identity.

Coherent visual identity; a seal of authenticity

With a systematic approach to branding, the logo, colors and typography came together to give a distinctive, rustic look, whilst also creating ensuring clarity and the feel of a coherent product.

Brochures and the online web experience functioned to not only communicate the lifestyle of Hudson Woods, but to help ensure the purchasing experience was simple to understand. Making it easy for people to choose the right materials, finishes and upgrades meant we were delivering a more holistic experience all around. Of all the lots sold buyers purchased between five and seven upgrades.

Tapping into a movement for people to connect & share

The kind of lifestyle Hudson Woods offers is one many aspire to lead. Creating noise around this new development went further than just attracting buyers, we wanted to share this experience with an aspirational audience; including fellow craftspeople, creatives, and voyeurs of beautiful houses and design. We stayed in touch with fans of Hudson Woods using Instagram and an internally generated weekly newsletter. The audience helped amplify our message by sharing our stories and creating buzz around Hudson Woods. This led to some great collaborations while also building a network of creatives to contribute to and market the project further.



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